Traxxas Kyle Busch Race Truck VXL (model# 7321) – Out Of The Box Review.

kyle busch side view
kyle busch rc racing truck
The Traxxas Kyle Busch race truck is an absolute stunner out of the box!

The Traxxas Kyle Busch Race Truck VXL is a 1/16 scale, 4wd, brushless, electric (battery) powered radio control vehicle. It is designed primarily for use on paved surfaces. This model is based on the same Traxxas platform as the 1/16 scale mini E-revo, Summit, Slash and Rally vehicles. The Kyle Busch Race Truck comes complete with everything you need to get going and is a fully licensed replica that will satisfy the NASCAR nerd in every R/C motorhead.

This model comes with licensed, NASCAR style wheels, replica Goodyear Wrangler rubber and of course the fully approved, pre-painted Kyle Busch Camping World Truck Series Toyota Tundra body shell.

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What comes in the box?

Truck- 1x Kyle Busch Race Truck VXL> Completely assembled and ready to run.

Power system- Velineon VXL-3m ESC and Mini Maxx 380 motor combo installed

Steering servo- Traxxas> Micro> Waterproof> part #2080

Transmitter- 1x Traxxas TQ #2238> High output 2.4ghz with Traxxas Link, 2 channel.

Battery & charger- 1x 6cell 2/3A NiMH battery.

Tools- Hex ‘L’ wrench 1.5mm> hex ‘T’ wrench 2mm> ball driver wrench 2.5mm> 4-way wrench.

Included spares and options- Body clips, high speed pinion gear.

Instruction manual- contains, Product support and warranty options> Safety precautions> Complete parts list and $US pricing> Exploded diagrams of all components> Generic Traxxas hop-ups list with $US pricing> Retail order forms.

Owners manual- contains, Model introduction> Safety precautions> Included and required parts> Model anatomy> Quick start list> Introduction and overview of the TQ radio and Velineon power system> ESC adjustments> Driving recommendations> Tuning adjustments> Maintenance guide> TQ advanced tuning options> Complete Traxxas menu tree formula chart.

What do Traxxas say about the Kyle Busch Race Truck?

“The Iconic Number 18 Toyota Tundra, Now Ready-To-Race!”
traxxas kyle busch promo
Traxxas promo graphic.

“Officially licensed and Ready-To-Race®, the winning number 18 Toyota Tundra of Kyle Busch is now available in 1/16 scale exclusively from Traxxas! During the 2010 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, Kyle raced Chicagoland, Talladega, and Homestead with Traxxas sponsorship and took the checkered flag every time he flew Traxxas colors. At season’s end, Kyle Busch Motorsports won the Owners’ Championship. To commemorate the exciting 2010 season and a new run at the Championship with Traxxas in 2011, Traxxas is proud to offer the new 1/16 Kyle Busch Camping World Race Replica truck.

This high-performance model features the proven Velineon brushless Power System for class-leading speed, coupled with full-time 4WD that makes it easy to drive like a pro. The drivetrain rides on full ball-bearings and delivers smooth, efficient power through Traxxas’ Torque-Control™ slipper clutch and proven telescoping u-joint drive shafts. The officially licensed body includes all the graphics of Kyle’s full-size no. 18 Toyota Tundra, right down to the Goodyear® logos on a new NASCAR-style wheel and tire combination developed just for the Kyle Busch model.”

Read it for yourself here.

There is no official Traxxas video for the Kyle Busch Race Truck. Here is a quick video from Air Age Media and RC Car Action Magazine.

What do we say about the Kyle Busch Race Truck?

Right out of the box the Traxxas Kyle Busch Race Truck is a real attention grabber. Brand new, its ultra shiny pre-painted and decaled polycarbonate shell looks like the real thing sitting on the grid pre-race. The officially licenced Goodyear tyres and stock car style rims are a dead ringer for the real deal and this truck is clearly going to satisfy my craving for having a legit race car replica in my collection. Remove the aforementioned shell and you are greeted by the gorgeous blue can of the Velineon Mini Maxx 380 motor, wired to the VXL-3m ESC and mounted neatly in the middle of Traxxas’ proven 1/16 4×4 platform. The platform is of course used across Traxxas’ entire 1/16 range and everything has a place on these models. There is even a slot for an additional steering servo and the twin battery trays allow for a double battery setup should you desire. My favorite thing about this chassis is its fully concealed, shaft driven 4×4 system. Hidden down nice and low and running dead centre for the best possible weight distribution, you barely notice it is there. This platform is compact and solid with everything tucked away neatly and very few fragile looking parts hanging out ready to be obliterated on first impact.

The body is curved and bubbly, and it feels quite strong even if the attached rear spoiler doesn’t. The Velineon power system and 4×4 should have no worries getting this thing up to speed and I cant wait to see how the Kyle Busch Race Truck handles on some different paved surfaces. One of the downsides to this model for the scale replica guys, and its minor, is the fact this NASCAR race truck is on a 4×4 platform. The rear wheel drive, V8 loving stock car folks out there probably wont be too fond of this setup “because its not realistic” but I am wise enough to understand the consumer directed approach by Traxxas on this one. They aren’t going to build a 2wd platform specifically to suit NASCAR fans, most people wont care to tell the difference anyway and you have to remember the size of this truck. It is 1/16 and it will be the proverbial ankle breaker when flying across the pavement. The 4×4 setup should make controlled driving much, much easier.

The included Goodyear replica tyres mentioned earlier are really cool and like nothing I have seen before. They are a reasonably hard compound, no doubt to counter wear from the average black top running surface most drivers will use, but also to help increase the sideways factor. However it is the construction of them that is most intriguing. The rim, which looks just like a NASCAR style stock car rim actually incorporates the outer facing sidewall of the tyre into its construction. The Goodyear and Wrangler logos are printed on this area and my guess is this is a good way to stop the tyres “rolling” during corners and wearing those neatly printed logo’s off on the first run. It is a cool idea and if it stops the logos wearing off I will be happy.

Damping duties are left to the F1 style on board push-rod suspension both front and rear; adjustability is minimal. I wasn’t too sure about this suspension setup on the 1/16 Summit prior to running but I have zero concern with the Kyle Busch Race Truck. This truck will be fast and sideways, a lot, and usually at the same time and all it needs is something to soak up the bumps. General parking lot bashing is probably the best all around use for the Kyle Busch Race Truck and driving will be fun for almost any skill level of driver. The programmable training and sport modes make switching from experienced dad to not so experienced son a breeze, whether using the included 6-cell NiMH battery or making the most of the VXL brushless system with a 3-cell lipo.

The final lap

There is no doubt the Traxxas Kyle Busch Race Truck will be fun to drive. This truck is also a worthy addition to any collection for those guys who just love the look of race cars. I am, unashamedly one of those guys who finds racing cars sexy, with their sleek looks and iconic paint schemes. This truck will forever be in my collection for that reason and I cant wait to see how it performs on the pavement.

The good: Durable and proven 1/16 4×4 platform> Out of the box ready to go slideways> Seriously badass replica design.

The bad: 4×4 isn’t realistic> Expensive for a basher truck.

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