Introducing the Kyosho Lazer ZX6.6

The Kyosho Lazer ZX6.6 (part# 30047B) is a 1/10 scale 4wd electric powered off-road racing buggy. The .6 designation identifies a running update to the already successful ZX6 platform, which filled three spots in the 2015 IFMAR Worlds A-main and has been developed for competition at the highest level with the input of World Champion drivers like Jared Tebo and Naoto Matsukura. This update is said to improve high-grip performance and those ’Turf Worlds’ cars were no-doubt early test mules for what has been delivered in this package. No denying then this model has great pedigree and should be no slouch on the track. Whether or not it can be tamed by this weekend warrior remains to be seen! This is my first experience with a Kyosho racing kit and the Lazer is my second 4wd buggy after campaigning with an AE B44.3 for almost 18 months. I really enjoy the modified 4wd buggy class and I look forward to running something a little more modern than the now ancient 44 series. I will be learning as I go, relaying me experience along the way and hope you will continue to follow along.

Kyosho says…

“Minor model change adapts to high power and high grip in the never-ending pursuit of racing glory.”

Receiving the Kit

I need to thank Hi-Performance Distributors, in conjunction with Kyosho America for the opportunity to build and run this vehicle, and to promote the red army across Canada and beyond. Without them I would struggle to run this class competitively in 2017 and I am truly grateful for the experience. The Kyosho brand deserves a more visible representation in the Great White North and I cant wait to do my bit to help boost the profile moving forward, all the while learning new things as I go. I feel spoiled by my familiarity with one manufacturer. This a great opportunity to branch out and obtain a deeper knowledge of a company that has defined the hobby for over 50 years.

GoGo Hobbies in Coquitlam have also agreed to be my parts support network. GoGo is the closest thing I have to a fully equipped local hobby shop with experienced, helpful staff. This is a partnership I am truly proud of. No matter where you live, remember it is so important to support your local hobby shop. 

Thank you to Hi-Performance Distributors, Kyosho America and GoGo Hobbies for the opportunity to run the Kyosho Lazer ZX6.6 in 2017.

First Impressions

The Kyosho Lazer ZX6.6 is one very well engineered machine and the fit of parts is second to none. The kit includes some really awesome features:

  • Quintessential Japanese engineering and presentation at it’s finest.
  • HD aluminum chassis now standard issue. This piece is hot!
  • Kyosho big bore shocks and gold springs. Industry renowned for their performance characteristics. Building from the bottom is a new experience for me but super smooth results every time.
  • Upper deck-less design. Easier access to important on-board items.
  • Gullwing rear arms carried over from the Ultima RB6.6 – to provide increased mounting locations and tuning options.
  • Aluminum parts included as standard – The A,B,C & D mounts are all aluminum, as is the steering rack, rear centre mount and motor mount.
  • White wheels, clear lexan body and two wings are provided.
That HD aluminum chassis is one beautifully machined piece.
Aluminum suspension arm mounts (aka A,B,C & D mounts) are a nice standard feature. Front A & B mount shown.
The aluminum steering rack is also a nice inclusion, adding rigidity to an important and highly stressed component.
Kyosho big bore shocks (rears shown) with aluminum bodies and caps. Kyosho Gold springs are included in the kit.
Gullwing rear arms carried over from the Ultima RB6.6 2wd buggy.
No upper chassis deck means a little extra freedom up front.
No upper deck in the rear provides lots of room for access during repairs or tune ups.

…but there are some parts I will be upgrading:

  • Plastic shock towers; I have replaced these with the optional carbon towers, front & rear for durability.
  • Plastic rear hubs; To be replaced with the 0 degree v2 hubs. Durability and tuning preference.
  • Ball diffs- to be replaced with optional gear diffs. Durability and tuning preference.
  • Ball studs and cups for inner camber link mounts- I replaced these with B6 style ball cups and studs for ease of access and tuning on the fly. This did take some light sanding of the cup to allow friction free movement with suspension travel.
The stock plastic towers will be replaced with the optional carbon towers for added durability.
Optional carbon front shock tower shown installed.
The plastic rear hubs will also be replaced with…
…optional aluminum V2 0deg rear hubs shown installed.
I replaced the stock ball cups and studs with B6 style ones for easier access during geometry changes.

Building the Kit

Building the Kyosho Lazer ZX6.6 was a treat. The fit of parts and quality of hardware was second to none. Some extra attention is required at times during the build as there are a multitude of ways to build this car depending on your setup requirements.

  • Pay extra attention to certain steps, especially the centre diff mount location, motor placement and servo placement.
  • The build plays out over 50 beautifully illustrated pages and the manual itself contains a lot of information. I suggest familiarizing yourself with it’s contents before beginning. Complete parts/options lists and exploded diagrams are included in the manual.
  • To build you will need all the usual wrench sizes and tools on standby. You will also need your diff and shock oils of choice to complete. I will be racing on carpet and decided to begin with AE40w front/AE35w rear for shocks and AE100k for the centre diff.
  • There were no areas of the build that I found would be beyond the abilities of any experienced kit builder. The steps are well laid out but the manual does contain English and Japanese on all pages and this makes them a bit busier than the average assembly manual. No harm no foul, just pay attention.

    You can check out my full gallery of build photos by clicking one of these links Facebook / Flickr

Kyosho manuals are beautifully illustrated, if only a little busy!
Pay attention during servo installation, choices choices!
Pay attention to centre bulk mount location.
Almost track ready Kyosho Lazer ZX6.6, just add wheels and a battery!
The Lazer ZX6.6 as it came off the track from Cabin Fever.


With thanks to my support from Maclan Racing in 2017, I will be equipping the Kyosho Lazer ZX6.6 with a fresh Maclan MMAX Pro Competition ESC and Maclan MRR 6.0 motor! In my 2wd modified car (AE B6) this system has proven smooth, consistent and most important of all, powerful! I cant wait to experience the Maclan advantage in 4wd modified where power delivery is so important.

Radio transmission will be handled by the very impressive Hitec Lynx 4S transmitter paired to the Hitec Axion 4 receiver. Steering duties are left to the very capable high-torque Reedy RT2207A servo and battery power is supplied by the Peak Power 4000mah 90c lipo shorty pack.

Maclan MMAX Pro Competition ESC will distribute and deliver the power.
Maclan MRR 6.0 turn sensored brushless competition motor to convert all that power into RPM’s.
The super-compact Hitec Axion 4 receiver takes care of on-board communications.
The Reedy RT2207A high-torque servo will take care of directional duties.
Peak Power 4000mah 90c shorty’s will carry the juice.



Future Upgrades and Race Plans

  • From talking to my local Kyosho peers, the optional centre slipper clutch assembly has been highly recommended for most surfaces. I will try this when the time comes, but for now I’ll be sticking with the standard centre gear diff.
  • I do not have any further plans to introduce option parts beyond what I have outlined here. Tires are so important on the dirt and I will be putting any extra resources into ensuring I have the right rubber.
  • The first official race for me with the ZX6.6 will be at Diehard RC for their off-road trophy race at the North West Model Hobby Expo (Jan 27-29). This will be on high grip EOS style carpet complete with pin tires!
  • The second race for the ZX6.6 is scheduled to be the Outlaw RC hosted ‘Conquer The Carpet’ trophy race (Feb 3-5). This race will be on Ozite carpet with slick tires and house sauce SXT3.0 for traction!
  • The third race for the ZX6.6, rounding out a busy three week schedule, will be the Cabin Fever RC Supercross race in Lewiston Idaho. This race will be indoors but on dirt! This will be my first chance to sling some roost with the Lazer!
  • Moving into the summer I look forward to racing outdoors when I get the chance. I consider Coquitlam Area Model Racing Club (CAMRC) my local outdoor track and they should have race date announcements soon. The Northwest Championship Tour (NCT) is the premier outdoor series in the PNW and I will be joining those festivities at least once this summer in Burlington WA. Also just recently announced, the Western Off-road Racing Series (WORS) is an All-Canadian, All B.C. travelling series held over 5 rounds between April and September. Click the links to see official details about these series’.

Important Links

If you would like any more information about the contents of this article please pay a visit to the people who support the R/C hobby in my area. And remember, SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL HOBBY SHOP!

Kyosho America website

Kyosho Lazer ZX6.6 official product page

Hi-Performance Distributors website

GoGo Hobbies website

Diehard RC Facebook page

‘North West Model Hobby Expo’ Facebook event page

Outlaw RC Facebook page

‘Conquer The Carpet’ Facebook event page

‘Cabin Fever’ Facebook event page

Northwest Championship Tour (NCT) Facebook page

Western Off-road Racing Series (WORS) Facebook page

Coquitlam Area Model Racing Club (CAMRC) Facebook page

Kit build photo galleries on Facebook & Flickr


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