WORS Round 2 was a SCORCHER in Kelowna! The Western Off-road Racing Series has continued it’s impressive inaugural season with a scenic jaunt over the mighty Coquihalla Pass to go toe-to-toe with interior British Columbia’s best electric off-road R/C racers at Kelowna R/C on May 26-28, 2017. Mountain air merged into lake country, giving way seamlessly to sunbaked pasture and dirt racing heaven and with some of the best in the west in attendance the 2017 Spring Scorcher Shootout was always going to live up to it’s name! With some neighbourly requests in place at the KRC track, the nitro portion of the WORS tour would sit out Round 2, leaving 105 entries in 9 electric classes of 1/8 and[…]

“When you wanna be the best, you go and shoot the best!” It’s no secret that throughout it’s six previous editions the JConcepts Indoor National Series has grown to become one of, if not THE premier indoor 1/10 travelling race tour in North America. It travels to great race tracks. It attracts top local talent and brings pro talent with it. It brings hype. And atmosphere. Most importantly it creates a culture of great racing. And on May 19-21 2017, for the second race of it’s 7th season the JConcepts INS brought it all, including a fleet of pro talent, to PNW racing mecca Tacoma R/C Raceway that would rival any top level event on the planet. Ryan Cavalieri, Spencer[…]

Lewiston, Idaho is the home of a race known around these parts as Cabin Fever. With almost 300 entries, more a marathon than just a race, to be honest. Traditionally held in the bitterly cold month of February, inside a horse arena, this event occupies many a bucket list. If it weren’t for folklore it might be checked off a few more. While the weather wasn’t that cold this year, no doubt the likelihood of standing around shivering for hours in minus temps keeps even some of the most diehard racers away. That and distance. The drive from Vancouver was almost 9 hours, tack on an extra couple for me from Whistler and you understand why the west coast contingent[…]

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The Cabin Fever R/C Supercross race in Lewiston Idaho has become a fixture of the racing scene in the greater north west region and this year, I got to go and experience it! Known as the first dirt race of the year in this area it has become something of a legendary event. Intrigued by the stories, I joined my local club racing buddy and Maclan teammate Rob in his RV for the eight and a half hour trek from Vancouver (after 3 hrs in snow from Whistler the day before!) and we made it to the Lewiston Roundup mid afternoon on the Friday which had been assigned for practice. The event would go on to draw 296 entries, supposedly[…]

The excitement surrounding ‘Conquer The Carpet’ had been rapidly rising approaching its early February date and when it came time to boogey on the rug not even Snowmageddon2k17 or the Super Bowl could stop over 215 entries from making this the biggest indoor off-road trophy race anyone in the Vancouver scene could remember. The event was a landmark for host Outlaw RC, it is their largest to date, and it was the result of many months hard work by President Chris Mueller and his dedicated crew of volunteers. The race even attracted pro racers Nick Wautlet (AE/WallieBuilds) and Kurt Wenger (Schelle Racing) to make the trip north and see what the buzz was all about! Practice Like many other locals,[…]

The North West Model Hobby Expo hosted Diehard RC for their indoor off-road carpet trophy race on January 27-29 and I travelled down to compete, eagerly anticipating the debut of my Kyosho Lazer ZX6.6 4wd modified buggy. I would also be running my Team Associated B6 in 2wd modified buggy and the expectation was to meet head-on with some of the PNW’s fastest racers and see where I stack up heading into the 2017 year. Despite the typically laid back atmosphere of Diehard RC, the action on the rug turned out to be intense across all classes! Practice Modified classes usually draw the most confident of competitors anyway and this was true of the weekend with local young guns like[…]

The Kyosho Lazer ZX6.6 (part# 30047B) is a 1/10 scale 4wd electric powered off-road racing buggy. The .6 designation identifies a running update to the already successful ZX6 platform, which filled three spots in the 2015 IFMAR Worlds A-main and has been developed for competition at the highest level with the input of World Champion drivers like Jared Tebo and Naoto Matsukura. This update is said to improve high-grip performance and those ’Turf Worlds’ cars were no-doubt early test mules for what has been delivered in this package. No denying then this model has great pedigree and should be no slouch on the track. Whether or not it can be tamed by this weekend warrior remains to be seen! This is[…]

Points racing has returned to the Showbarn with 100+ entries to start the season! The first Outlaw R/C points race of the 2016/17 Indoor Off-road Carpet Series was held on October 8th and 112 entries tussled it out for early season bragging rights. The new and improved track was still the talk of the day with racers across the board just happy to have more room to play! The layout, which remained unchanged from the September shakedown race has proven both challenging and exciting for racers so far. A combination of tight technical areas snaking through high speed sections and jumps with short landings into corners has kept everyone clean, close on the clock and great racing has been the[…]

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More exciting news for fans of indoor off-road carpet racing in the PNW with Diehard R/C locking in dates for the return of their highly anticipated travelling racing series. For their sophomore season an 8 race series (1 throw out) will return primarily to the Evergreen State Fairgrounds in Monroe Washington, with some dates still to have locations confirmed. Formerly known as the “Travelling Turf Series” feedback on the hard wearing astro (think high-end tennis court) was unanimous. Tire wear was unavoidable and being fast required good tires. Lots of good tires. Rather than sit idly by and let racers deal with the issue, the Diehard team took a refreshingly pro-active approach to the concerns and subsequent research through the[…]

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Outlaw R/C in Cloverdale BC hosted their first Saturday event of the 2016/17 Indoor Carpet Series, a non-points shakedown for racers to dust off the cobwebs. Race results have not been posted at this time. The race day was a good trial for everyone involved with many exciting improvements being implemented and new systems needing to be refined. The larger racing surface was the most talked about, the track is now impressively huge! Lap times have gone from about 13 seconds last year to now being in the low 20 second range. This alone has spread drivers out and decreased the wheel to wheel carnage but new rounded corner pipes and improved placement should also help minimize crash damage. 108[…]