lego kit ferrari f40

The gang at Hagerty (yes, the collector car guys), have posted a video on their Youtube channel showing the epic piece by piece construction of the Lego ‘Creator Series’ Ferrari F40. The video is just over a minute long (the soundtrack leaves something to be desired) and shows several different angles, covering assembly from start to finish. All told the kit itself measures over 10 inches in length, 5 inches in width and #TheToyCarCreative found one on for a smidge over $220.00. That price might seem a bit high but remember, this is no basic Lego kit! With nearly 1200 individual blocks and a plethora of highly detailed and functioning accessories this is a model for the more experienced/confident[…]

Most car guys and girls start out with Lego in their toy collection. The classic, colourful Danish building blocks have been stepped on by Dad’s bare feet for over 65 years and are a staple in many childhoods. As kids we built towers as high as the sky. We built planes that would never fly in real life and we assembled trains that didn’t need tracks. It was creative, carefree and for many of us, it was a time of unbridled inspiration. It was a place without need for criticism or judgement. It was Lego time, and it was the best! So what happens when that inspiration and creativity with Lego continues on past childhood, straight through the teen years[…]