The Kyosho Lazer ZX6.6 (part# 30047B) is a 1/10 scale 4wd electric powered off-road racing buggy. The .6 designation identifies a running update to the already successful ZX6 platform, which filled three spots in the 2015 IFMAR Worlds A-main and has been developed for competition at the highest level with the input of World Champion drivers like Jared Tebo and Naoto Matsukura. This update is said to improve high-grip performance and those ’Turf Worlds’ cars were no-doubt early test mules for what has been delivered in this package. No denying then this model has great pedigree and should be no slouch on the track. Whether or not it can be tamed by this weekend warrior remains to be seen! This is[…]

I can’t help but start out by saying how enjoyable it was to build the B44.3 Factory Team kit. Not to brag but I found it easy. Maybe it was because I built the B5M so recently or maybe because past horrors of building and maintaining higher performance 4wd R/C cars are hard to shake and the B44.3 build crushed most of those fears. The B44.3’s relatively simple design makes access easy, even for the diffs. There is lots of carbon fibre to keep weight down and overall the vehicle is very minimalist. The construction is typically Associated, that being simple, solid, and slick. Same goes for the packaging and manual. Steven Hartson’s World’s winning scheme adorns the box from[…] Team Associated B5M ready to race!

The Team Associated B5M Factory Lite is a 1/10 scale, electric, mid-motor buggy designed primarily for off-road style racing. Why the Team Associated B5M Factory Lite? The main reason I purchased the B5MFL is because I registered for the 2016 Reedy Race lottery and figured I would need something to practice with should I be lucky enough to get in, which much to my surprise I did! You can follow my progress by clicking the Reedy Race 2016 link in the category menu! My trip to OCRC for a “Wednesday Night Worlds” in July 2015 basically confirmed this was the rig I needed to have. The buggy is also setting a winning trend at big events and I believe guys[…]

The Axial Wraith RTR box says very clearly “Rock Racer”, right on the front in big letters. A fairly bold statement really and after taking it for a quick spin in my driveway I have to admit I was left scratching my head. It was slow. Like, really slow. Don’t get me wrong, I was equally impressed by the caterpillar like crawling abilities of the Wraith, as it balanced seamlessly across the rock garden and mowed over all my yard had to offer but coming from the world of short course and big brushless power I was puzzled how this could be a racer of any kind. It wasn’t until we unleashed the Wraith in the wild west coast woods[…]

The Pro-line Pro-2 Short Course Truck Kit is a 1/10 scale 2wd, electric radio control vehicle designed primarily for off-road racing. This partially assembled kit is Pro-line‘s first foray into the category with a complete vehicle and as it’s name suggests, some assembly is required before operation is possible. Being a race ready model means Pro-line also leave you the option to install your own motor/ESC/servo combo. What do you get in the box? Kit – 1x partially assembled short course truck kit. Everything you need to build a Pro-2 short course truck ‘roller’ including> pre-glued F-11 wheels and Blockade tyres in M3 compound> Protrac suspension kit and Powerstroke shocks> Unpainted Flo-Tek body with window masks and a Pro-line decal sheet. Assembly[…]

Axial Wraith trail crawling flex

The Axial Wraith RTR is a 1/10 scale, 4wd, off-road, electric (battery) powered radio controlled vehicle. It falls into the rock racer category of the hobby and as it’s name suggests it comes completely ready to run with fully installed electronics and a transmitter. This model is also available as a kit (model #AX90020) for those people who would like to build the Wraith from scratch. What comes in the box? Truck- 1x Wraith 1/10 scale electric 4wd rock racer> Completely built and ready to run. Transmitter- 1x Axial AX-3> 2.4ghz> 2 channel. Electronics- Axial AE-2 ESC and 20T motor> 2-cell lipo ready. Steering servo- Tactic TSX45> metal gear. Manual- contains> Cautions!> Included & required items list> Recommended tools list>[…]

Traxxas Kyle Busch truck in whistler bc

It was no secret the 1/16 scale Traxxas Kyle Busch Race Truck was potentially going to be a rocket ship. Traxxas have made a trademark of being “The Fastest Name in Radio Control” and their VXL-3m Velineon brushless power system coupled to the 1/16 4×4 platform has proven time and time again its durability and high-speed capabilities. I purchased the Traxxas Kyle Busch Race Truck because it is a worthy replica of its full size NASCAR Camping World Truck Series brother, and also because I wanted something to take to the pavement on those rare occasions I don’t or can’t run short course, or those very common occasions when it is wet outside here in Whistler! Best of all I had[…]

The Traxxas 1/16 Summit VXL brushless mini-monster truck is one of “those” radio control cars. Most radio control guys have at least one in their collection. Its that one you definitely didn’t need to buy and one you absolutely shouldn’t have gone home with. Remember that time when you went to the hobby shop for some spur gears and shock oil, but you came home with a new mini-truck that cost way too much for what you get, is hardly ever going to get used and is completely impractical in most R/C applications? It’s like the modern day version of a  Wheelie King, just without the promise of wheelies. Without promise of anything but 30+ mph out of the box[…]

kyle busch side view

The Traxxas Kyle Busch Race Truck VXL is a 1/16 scale, 4wd, brushless, electric (battery) powered radio control vehicle. It is designed primarily for use on paved surfaces. This model is based on the same Traxxas platform as the 1/16 scale mini E-revo, Summit, Slash and Rally vehicles. The Kyle Busch Race Truck comes complete with everything you need to get going and is a fully licensed replica that will satisfy the NASCAR nerd in every R/C motorhead. This model comes with licensed, NASCAR style wheels, replica Goodyear Wrangler rubber and of course the fully approved, pre-painted Kyle Busch Camping World Truck Series Toyota Tundra body shell. Feature image property of Traxxas^ What comes in the box? Truck- 1x Kyle[…]