It has been said, every gearheads hobby of choice starts with .97 cents. Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Dinky, Ertl, Lionel…the list goes on of tiny toy car producing companies that have been making it possible for any one of any age to own a garage full of the coolest supercars, racing cars, fantasy hot rods, trucks, machines, pretty much anything with wheels! 1/64 scale diecast in any brand is probably the most popular and accessible scale of metal and plastic construction models that have some basic working features; usually just rolling wheels but occasionally featuring opening doors and hoods. The 1/64 scale models lack the detail of their larger scale siblings but often provide enough cool factor to be recognizable and[…] top 5 creators on instagram

At #TheToyCarCreative we love our social media and especially enjoy cruising Instagram for the coolest automotive creations we can find. We all live in the day and age of custom and personalized everything. There is literally nothing you can’t dive into DIY or have someone fabricate or customize for you. Freedom of expression is quite possibly the best thing about the automotive world as a whole and toy car hobbies are especially benefitting from the era of custom, becoming the rule rather than exception. Social apps like Instagram go hand in hand providing a platform to share your creations with a potentially massive audience and the quantity of top-quality work is mind-blowing! Being the sharing and caring kind, we thought[…]