parma baja '55 short course body

50’s Gasser Meets Vintage Stock Car in This Sweet Candy Combo! When deciding how to paint a hot rod it can be easy to gravitate towards the traditional flames. Regardless of the scale or how authentic the piece is, a hot rod is a hot rod and by it’s very definition is built to go fast! While flames and speed go together like Vegemite and toast (not always in a good way though…),the fact is I struggle to cut flames cleanly and when it comes to painting a clients body, those clean cuts are a must. When my buddy Josh dropped off the Parma Baja ’55 Short Course body and his creative direction maxed out at “make it look cool”[…]

1/8 truggy body fresh paint

Every so often in the body painting part of my job the opportunity to try something I have been putting off for a while pops up in the overall theme for a project. Lightning is one example and recently I got to have a go at recreating some lightning bolts on a 1/8 truggy body for a buddies Team Associated RC8T. Check out the results and how I got there below! As I mentioned, the lightning bolt effect is something I had wanted to try for a while but just hadn’t got around to it. It appeared in a tutorial of some sort that I saw once and got put away in the memory bank for a rainy day. When[…]

Team Associated B44.3 paint project

“It was like a rainbow exploded inside a fish bowl!!” The B44.3 is probably the most popular 1/10 electric 4wd buggy out there in  racing land and the JConcepts Finnisher is in turn a very familiar sight adorning them. This body has a long, wide, square profile but that’s not a negative thing, it needs to be that way in order to house the inner workings of the AE 4-wheeler, and it works really well. It’s cab forward and almost vertical front window rake  certainly looks pretty trick out on the track. I was really looking forward to painting this body! As always, I started by cleaning the body with dish soap and hot water. Click here to find out how[…]

Team associated b5m factory lite paint project

The B5m Factory Lite edition has been a super popular addition to the evolutionary stable of Team Associated “5” series vehicles. It contains a few upgrades over previous models but I wont rave on about that, you can find out all that stuff here. When I added one to my fleet it was a proud moment. Spencer Rivkin had just won the 2wd World Championship with the car, the 28th WC for AE. The win solidified my choice of buggy. The stock body is pretty cool, unlike the SC5m this one isn’t advertised as a Pro-line body so I can only assume it’s an in-house effort. I like the shape, not too cab forward though the roof line is a[…] top 5 creators on instagram

At #TheToyCarCreative we love our social media and especially enjoy cruising Instagram for the coolest automotive creations we can find. We all live in the day and age of custom and personalized everything. There is literally nothing you can’t dive into DIY or have someone fabricate or customize for you. Freedom of expression is quite possibly the best thing about the automotive world as a whole and toy car hobbies are especially benefitting from the era of custom, becoming the rule rather than exception. Social apps like Instagram go hand in hand providing a platform to share your creations with a potentially massive audience and the quantity of top-quality work is mind-blowing! Being the sharing and caring kind, we thought[…]