Team Associated B44.3 paint project

“It was like a rainbow exploded inside a fish bowl!!” The B44.3 is probably the most popular 1/10 electric 4wd buggy out there in  racing land and the JConcepts Finnisher is in turn a very familiar sight adorning them. This body has a long, wide, square profile but that’s not a negative thing, it needs to be that way in order to house the inner workings of the AE 4-wheeler, and it works really well. It’s cab forward and almost vertical front window rake  certainly looks pretty trick out on the track. I was really looking forward to painting this body! As always, I started by cleaning the body with dish soap and hot water. Click here to find out how[…]

tether car track in germany

Tether Car racing is one of the great mysteries of the model car world. Most people struggle to believe what they are seeing but be informed, this is a real thing and it is mind blowingly fast! Tether Cars are free-running, gas powered model cars, ranging in size but generally in the region of what we commonly know today as 1/10 and 1/8th scale (30-50 cm long). Electric models are now more common though small output gas powered internal combustion engines are the most traditional and are honestly probably the draw card for most mechanically inclined hobbyists who just love to tune an engine with tiny tolerances in performance. While sources vary on pin pointing  the exact origins of tether[…]

2016 reedy race grid lineup

The 2016 Reedy International Off-Road Race of Champions was one of the most epic battles ever seen on dirt and I was lucky enough to be part of the experience! A huge congratulations and thank you must go out to the organizers, creators, participants, families, friends and spectators who made the 2016 Reedy such an incredible event. Everyone was amazing! In between trying to keep my cars on the track during the five day Reedy marathon I did manage to get the camera out and fire off some sweet frames. The entire album in it’s 150 photo glory can be seen on Facebook and Flickr, or as always scroll down the page to see some highlights. Enjoy!