Area99rc reedy race week 10

Week 10, Monday December 21st – Sunday December 27th 4 weeks until Reedy With the racing season done and the holidays upon us it has been time to explore some different avenues in the R/C world! While I am not too interested in spending a bunch of time reflecting on the past I have taken some time to think about how I got to where I am and how to continue to grow as a racer. My priorities are pretty settled, strive for absolute consistency on the track and learn everything I can about setup. Slow down to speed up has become my motto and with the arrival of a new toy I have been able to really focus on[…]

Week 9 – Monday December 14th – Sunday December 20th   The end of the 2015 race season is upon us and a return to a familiar location brought much needed confidence. The final club race of 2015 for Team99 was on the off-road carpet at Outlaw RC in Cloverdale and it was great to return to a familiar surface.  After a tough run at Tacoma Raceway the previous weekend it was good to not have to play the tire or traction game and be able to focus on what I have learned in relation to car control. Due to some other commitments and an early morning day-of track setup I didn’t get a single lap of practice prior to racing[…]

lego kit ferrari f40

The gang at Hagerty (yes, the collector car guys), have posted a video on their Youtube channel showing the epic piece by piece construction of the Lego ‘Creator Series’ Ferrari F40. The video is just over a minute long (the soundtrack leaves something to be desired) and shows several different angles, covering assembly from start to finish. All told the kit itself measures over 10 inches in length, 5 inches in width and #TheToyCarCreative found one on for a smidge over $220.00. That price might seem a bit high but remember, this is no basic Lego kit! With nearly 1200 individual blocks and a plethora of highly detailed and functioning accessories this is a model for the more experienced/confident[…]

northwest championship tour

The Northwest Championship Tour (NCT) has announced dates for the 2016 season via their Facebook page. The series has a solid following and takes place over six races in six months at six different outdoor tracks in the northwest US! #TheToyCarCreative hopes to make an appearance at least for the first race in April, more hopefully to be confirmed in the new year! We will of course be supporting a couple of local racers that will be participating in this series, more news to follow on that also! The race dates are below or you can click here for the NCT website. 2016 Northwest Championship Tour Dates Confirmed: April 22-24 Wenatchee May 27-29 Spokane June 24-26 Lewiston July 22-24 Burlington[…]

Buggy racing at TRCR

Week 8 – Monday December 7th – Sunday December 13th “That really sucked dude. You ruined my whole race!” Week 8 will go down as a week of lessons learned. Almost everything I experienced was in some way new or unique to me. Definitely one of the most exciting things to happen this week (and ever really!) was an article about my preparations and trip to Reedy that appeared in the the Pique Newsmagazine, both online and in print! You can read the full article here. I want to extend a huge thank you to Dan Falloon and indeed the entire Pique team for not only squeezing me in but giving me the centre spread and a colour photo! So cool![…]

jack leighan on the grid at trcr

During my recent visit to Tacoma R/C Raceway I vowed to make sure I got the camera out on this trip! Not making the mains was a blessing in disguise because it gave me a few hours on Sunday afternoon to do just that! You can scroll down to see some highlights or the full albums are available via the links below. To view the album on Flickr click here. To view the album on Facebook click here. To see more highlights on Instagram @Area99RC click here.

Week 7 – Monday November 30th – Sunday December 6th 6 weeks until Reedy. The halfway point has come and gone. The time to go is now. In R/C it’s so easy to imagine your upcoming weekend heroics and say “oh i’ll just grip it and rip it out on track, I’ll be so fast!”. The reality is though that when you wan’t to do good, you tend to be over careful and that’s not any good to anyone. Wheelies off the line, or even worse ploughing into the guy in front. Cutting the pipes too close, over shooting that double…there is a certain hurdle to jump, a calm and relaxed state where your absolute focus becomes to have the best race[…]

Team Associated B44.3 buggy

Week 6 – Monday November 23rd > Sunday November 29th 7 weeks until Reedy. After a tough start the American Thanksgiving long weekend turned out to offer plenty to be thankful for. Sadly, no turkey.   Early in the week I made the commitment to head down to Tacoma R/C Raceway in Washington State for a weekend of practice and some club racing on their top notch clay surface. After quickly realizing that it was in fact Thanksgiving I decided to leave very early Friday morning and avoid any border lineups. That turned out to be a great decision and it was smooth sailing all the way. Black Friday is actually one of TRCR’s busiest days of the year apparently[…]

It has been said, every gearheads hobby of choice starts with .97 cents. Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Dinky, Ertl, Lionel…the list goes on of tiny toy car producing companies that have been making it possible for any one of any age to own a garage full of the coolest supercars, racing cars, fantasy hot rods, trucks, machines, pretty much anything with wheels! 1/64 scale diecast in any brand is probably the most popular and accessible scale of metal and plastic construction models that have some basic working features; usually just rolling wheels but occasionally featuring opening doors and hoods. The 1/64 scale models lack the detail of their larger scale siblings but often provide enough cool factor to be recognizable and[…]