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Week 5 – Monday November 16th > Sunday November 22nd 8 weeks until Reedy. Five weeks down and preparations have passed the one-third point for  the 2016 Reedy International Off-Road Race of Champions. Practice time has continued to be a struggle but I am making it work and the improvement is clear to see (At least I think it is!) I have also continued to develop my knowledge of off-road setup, suspension geometry and am beginning to focus on the more complicated technical functions of my electronic equipment. Not being able to go to a track every day, or even every week, has been frustrating but I believe it is almost a blessing in disguise. There is absolutely no substitute[…]

Get a grip with SXT 3.0 traction compound. If you are one of the many R/C racers now participating in some kind of carpet or “non-traditional surface” racing then traction compound is probably on your radar already, especially if you are like us and race somewhere that doesn’t allow carpet specific pinned tires. After three race days of using SXT 3.0 traction compound it comes highly recommended by everyone at #TheToyCarCreative. God only knows what this stuff is made of, smelling lightly of something crossed between WD-40 and rubbing alcohol, but the results on track are black and white. Lap times with and without SXT 3.0, when compared, do not even come close. We can only recommend SXT 3.0 for[…]

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Ride height is very important to your setup, stop the guessing game with the Team Associated FT off-road ride height gauge. When it comes to tuning your off-road R/C vehicles, ride height is surely one of the most important options you have available. The Team Associated Factory Team off-road ride height gauge (#1449) is a great tool for ensuring you are at the right chassis level for the track conditions. The gauge comes unassembled but is a breeze to put together with the easy to follow instructions. The main components of the gauge are made of durable pre-cut acrylic and it comes in an eye-catching clear blue finish. Using the ride height gauge is also a cinch, simply loosen the[…]

I can’t help but start out by saying how enjoyable it was to build the B44.3 Factory Team kit. Not to brag but I found it easy. Maybe it was because I built the B5M so recently or maybe because past horrors of building and maintaining higher performance 4wd R/C cars are hard to shake and the B44.3 build crushed most of those fears. The B44.3’s relatively simple design makes access easy, even for the diffs. There is lots of carbon fibre to keep weight down and overall the vehicle is very minimalist. The construction is typically Associated, that being simple, solid, and slick. Same goes for the packaging and manual. Steven Hartson’s World’s winning scheme adorns the box from[…]

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Week 4 – Monday November 9th > Sunday November 15th 9 weeks until Reedy. Well, even after a bittersweet end to week 4 of Reedy Race preparations I can honestly say my enjoyment of the hobby has crested a new peak. The racing experience has never been so pure. 1/10 buggies make short course racing feel like riding a whale in a hot tub. I’m in love with the hobby all over again. Related: 2016 Reedy International Off-Road Race of Champions official website 2016 Reedy Race official Facebook page Reedy website Reedy Facebook page Team Associated website Team Associated Facebook page OCRC website OCRC Facebook page. Previous “Journey To The 2016 Reedy Race” articles: Week 1 – Week 2 – Week[…]

Race 3 of the Outlaw RC Indoor Off-road Winter Carpet Series at the Showbarn saw 70 entries put on an awesome show of racing. Team99 was of course stoked to be a part of the action! Race results for all entrants and classes can be found on the Outlaw RC Facebook page. Team99 Race Results The fastest laps of the day by the best racers on this layout were in the 14.5 to 15.5 second range. 2wd Open Buggy Team Associated B5M Factory Lite Heat 1 – 18 laps @ 5:14 > +3 lap improvement. Almost half of all laps were under 16 seconds. Almost 2/3 of laps were under 17 seconds. Four laps at +19 secs including two @[…]

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Week 3 – Monday November 2nd > Sunday November 8th 10 weeks until Reedy. With less than 10 weeks to go before the 2016 Reedy Race, practice time is at a premium. The first couple of weeks have slipped away and surely the rest will continue to do the same. I only have access to flat track practice in Whistler (no jumps!) but I at least reached my wheel time goal this week, also managing to make up some of the time lost in the first two weeks. It isn’t perfect, and it isn’t easy but it’s all I’ve got and it will just have to do. Related: 2016 Reedy International Off-Road Race of Champions official website 2016 Reedy Race official[…]

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Round 2 of the Outlaw RC Indoor Off-Road Carpet Racing Series saw the racing action go to a whole new level and the bar has really been raised! Local racer confidence in the series, now in it’s second year, is up and the quality of racing is heating up accordingly. I made the jaunt down the 99 with the Team99 rigs and raced in my usual 2wd short-course class with the Pro-line Pro-2, but also finally dipped my toes into 2wd open/mod buggy with the Team Associated B5M Factory Lite. An eye-opener for sure, but after finally getting some wheel time my confidence is up. Grip makes us all good, between now and Reedy all I have is high grip[…] Team Associated B5M ready to race!

The Team Associated B5M Factory Lite is a 1/10 scale, electric, mid-motor buggy designed primarily for off-road style racing. Why the Team Associated B5M Factory Lite? The main reason I purchased the B5MFL is because I registered for the 2016 Reedy Race lottery and figured I would need something to practice with should I be lucky enough to get in, which much to my surprise I did! You can follow my progress by clicking the Reedy Race 2016 link in the category menu! My trip to OCRC for a “Wednesday Night Worlds” in July 2015 basically confirmed this was the rig I needed to have. The buggy is also setting a winning trend at big events and I believe guys[…]

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I am incredibly excited to announce my inclusion in the Open class field of 100 drivers at the 2016 Reedy International Off-Road Race of Champions. The race will be held at OCRC in Huntington Beach California in January 2016 on what will no doubt be a unique layout at the world famous high bite clay facility. Inclusion in this event is a huge honour for an amateur racer, truly a dream come true and most likely a once in a lifetime opportunity. My earlier announcement from Facebook is below… “Well, stoked to announce that I am off to the 2016 Reedy International Off-road Race of Champions at Orange County RC Raceway in Huntington Beach California this coming January! I will[…]