Traxxas Kyle Busch truck in whistler bc

It was no secret the 1/16 scale Traxxas Kyle Busch Race Truck was potentially going to be a rocket ship. Traxxas have made a trademark of being “The Fastest Name in Radio Control” and their VXL-3m Velineon brushless power system coupled to the 1/16 4×4 platform has proven time and time again its durability and high-speed capabilities. I purchased the Traxxas Kyle Busch Race Truck because it is a worthy replica of its full size NASCAR Camping World Truck Series brother, and also because I wanted something to take to the pavement on those rare occasions I don’t or can’t run short course, or those very common occasions when it is wet outside here in Whistler! Best of all I had[…]

The Traxxas 1/16 Summit VXL brushless mini-monster truck is one of “those” radio control cars. Most radio control guys have at least one in their collection. Its that one you definitely didn’t need to buy and one you absolutely shouldn’t have gone home with. Remember that time when you went to the hobby shop for some spur gears and shock oil, but you came home with a new mini-truck that cost way too much for what you get, is hardly ever going to get used and is completely impractical in most R/C applications? It’s like the modern day version of a  Wheelie King, just without the promise of wheelies. Without promise of anything but 30+ mph out of the box[…]